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What’s your biggest block to happiness and success? I’ve found that there are 5 primary life areas in which people feel blocked, and you’ll tend to have a whole cluster of negative emotions around that area.

Those 5 areas are health, love, money, spirituality, and work. But you aren’t blocked for the reason you think you are. That blockage is an energy pattern, set up early in your childhood, by emotionally traumatic experiences.

Finding and healing those bad experiences is critical to erasing those blocks. You can chop away at the adult problem for years without much success. But once you find the childhood roots of those energy patterns, the adult problems usually vanish fast.

You know you’ve got a block when everything you’ve tried has had poor results, even though you might have had great success elsewhere. Most Tappers have this problem. Perhaps you’ve done brilliantly using EFT Tapping for weight loss, but your financial life is a disaster. Or you’ve found your soul mate after tapping, but you have health gremlins you just can’t shake.

My friend Dawson Church, PhD, author of the award-winning best-seller “The Genie in Your Genes,” has a solution! He developed a technique called the Magic Time Machine to help people identify the roots of their blockages. He’s created a personalized online session for you, just like you were sitting in his office. He guides you into identifying an early experience in your life that cemented your block in place. And then together, you tap it away!

Would you rather be rid of that issue, or do you want to drag it around for years into the future? Dawson and I both really care about your healing, and I’d like to see you free of what’s holding you back.

Please join us for your complementary ride on the Magic Time Machine!

All the best,
Pia King, MSW, CVBC, EFT Practitioner


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