Pick a Career, any Career

I just love this! Wouldn’t it be nice if as adults we could reignite the child in us to finally do and step into everything that we wanted to do then. How wonderful…www.participateinyourgreatness.com, http://www.synergyfamily.org


Sekhmet Light

Mostly Bright Ideas

DaughterI’ve always wanted to be a magician. I’m not talking about one of those big-name Las Vegas stage performers with the three-year contracts and the expensive haircuts. Those guys are masters of melodrama, and a little too impressed with themselves, if you ask me. Besides, they make aircraft carriers disappear from parking lots, and I wouldn’t know where to find an aircraft carrier in the first place. Also, it’s really hot in Las Vegas, and I could never get through an entire ninety-minute show in those tight pants.

I mean I’d like to be a person who seems to be otherwise normal, but who can whip out a deck of cards and within minutes have everyone at the party in awe of my witty banter and lightning-speed dexterity. This has been a primary goal in my life, although I would settle for just getting invited to a party.Sawed

The drawback…

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