Looking at Oneself

Posted By: Sekhmet, MSW

“If you have a negative reaction to something someone does, it’s a signal that this is something you need to recognize in yourself. The things we don’t like about other people are things we need to accept as part of ourselves. The stronger the reaction, the more likely we are seeing ourselves but don’t realize it. We all have a wonderful opportunity to learn something about our self every time we interact with another human being. Each person reflects a part of our self,
a positive or negative quality, characteristic or behavior, of which we may or may not be aware. Everyone is a mirror for everyone else”. Unknown

This can be a difficult thing for us to do, taking a clear good look at ourselves. It s a struggle to say to admit that to ourselves that “I’m not acting in that way or I don’t like a particular person because of..” Yes we are reflections of each other.

At Participateinyourgreatness, we have worked with clients that experienced difficulties with co-workers or supervisors on their jobs. They believed that they were being targeted by their employer. This is the problem that some our clients presented with, yet as we began weekly sessions with them other issues were revealed. We approach our therapy and coaching sessions with clients from a strength based perspective and then help the client to confront and deal with irrational thoughts and feelings. But also to deal with and accept full responsibility for their own behavior and actions.

We would love to hear from you. Maybe you have a story that you would like to share that could touch someone’s life. It’s time to step into your Greatness today!

Sekhmet, MSW

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