Bridges and Passages

The last several months have garnered a significant change in my world, life and affairs.  It’s interesting that once you come into a new knowing of something how much of your old thoughts and behaviors begin to make you feel uncomfortable. I have even been some what irritable with the new and wonderful mind shift that has been exploding within..this can be chalked up to the my “old ways of thinking and behaving” not wanting to let keep me submerged, weak and powerless.  Yet, my awakenedness is prevailing! I’m so excited for such a gift that was bestowed upon me during this seeking period in my life.  There is a saying ” What you are seeking is seeking you”  Ah, I totally get that now.  I’ve always wonder why I felt like I really never fit it in certain situations or environments and at times I thought that it was me…something must be wrong with me.  Not at all, you see what I’d been seeking for such a long time revealed itself and ushered me with open arms and a warm heart.  Encouraging me to change my mind-set, begin to create my own path and destiny, knowing that I AM..There is so much gratitude in me right now that if a pin was stuck in me I would truly pop!  That’s exciting and wonderful and all is well. 

This is what is meant by bridges and passages, going through difficulties-rivers, a chasm and confusion in one’s life. Bridges represent or symbolizes a solution to a problem.  For example, if you dream about crossing a bridge more than likely you have the solutions to your problem, even if you’re not aware of it (that’s powerful)!  Maybe in your dream state your bridge is broken or impassable, look at in a way that maybe another approach is best.  And if there is a bridge in the distance, know that your answer is out there just keep seeking it and it will find you.

I’m thrilled about crossing many of my bridges and seeing those to tells me that there are still answers out there and if I’m seeking them they will surely find me…Ashe


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